Experience - Vision - Accomplishment

Dear Colleagues,

The Technical Activities organization is IEEE’s foundation, through which members and colleagues produce most of IEEE’s publications, conferences, standards and educational activities. It also enables them to grow their careers, while, at the same time, serve humanity. We need the organization to more nimbly adapt to globalization and rapidly changing technologies.

Experience, vision and accomplishment count. My diverse background in industry - and my professional and technical contributions - uniquely qualify me to deal with our current and future challenges. If elected, I shall work with you to maintain and grow IEEE's position as the world's leading volunteer-driven professional association.

Please vote for me, help spread the word, and encourage your friends and colleagues to do likewise.



Douglas N. Zuckerman
IEEE Board of Directors – Division III Director (2012-13)
IEEE Communications Society President (2008-9)
IEEE Technical Activities Board Member (2008-9, 2012-13)

Senior Scientist, Telcordia Technologies (Retired)
Ocean, New Jersey, USA

Current(*) and Past Society Memberships:
IEEE Communications Society* (main Society)
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society
IEEE Computer Society*
IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society*
IEEE Photonics Society*
IEEE Power & Energy Society
IEEE Signal Processing Society
IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society*

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