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August 18, 2017 9:38 pm Published by 2 Comments

I’d like to thank those of you who have already voted for me for IEEE VP Technical Activities and to remind others to please do so before the election closes on October 2. As you may recall, my main goal is leveraging IEEE to strengthen members’ careers and “mobilize their future.” My platform includes expanding new technology initiatives, growing standards activities, building education and training, leveraging collaboration across IEEE and externally, achieving diversity, and perhaps most important, assuring affordability as we do more for members’ careers. See
In addition to voting, please help spread the word, far and wide, so that we may win this important election for members’ careers. If you use Twitter, please re-tweet my tweets and Follow me. If you use Facebook, please share my posts – and request that that we become Facebook Friends. If you use LinkedIN, again please share my posts and request that we become Connected through our Networks. Also, use any email lists (non-IEEE) that you may have to fan out our message. Careers matter – and that’s what my campaign for VP Technical Activities is all about!

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This post was written by Doug Zuckerman


  • Dr. Lance L. Webb says:

    Thanks for you time promoting Aerospace.
    Good Luck,
    Lance L Webb

  • J. C. Cooper says:

    What are your positions on:

    H1B Visas,
    software patents,
    are patents personal property (pending Oil States Supreme Court Case), and
    Engineer unions?

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