Service to IEEE

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Doug’s extensive history with IEEE and Technical Activities as a practitioner of inclusiveness, transparency, diversity and common sense leadership uniquely qualify him for VP-TA. His leadership accomplishments as president of one of IEEE’s largest societies, the Communications Society, showcase his abilities.

There, he established a strategic vision and with ComSoc’s leadership:

  • Improved information sharing using social networking
  • Achieved greater global chapter and sister society teaming
  • Expanded ComSoc’s lecture programs
  • Reduced time between journal submission and publication
  • Strengthened ComSoc’s standards role
  • Established/offered viable educational programs and industry-valued certification
  • Engaged more recent graduates and women in activities
  • Revised ComSoc’s governance to better align with global demographics

In TAB and its entities:

  • Established IEEE/OpenFog Consortium collaboration, which included IEEE seat on OpenFog Board
  • Facilitated “bundled” Society-IEEE membership pricing
  • Fostered successful cross-Society collaborations through the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative, Big Data Initiative, and the Future Directions Committee
  • Strategized and envisioned the Technology Time Machine Symposium, with cultivation of young entrepreneurs

As IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee Chair, he:

  • Increased transparency of executive compensation decisions to the IEEE Board of Directors
  • Assured a strong volunteer leadership role for the committee in evaluating and recommending employee benefits, while establishing a good working relationship with staff
  • Led efforts aimed at developing an incentive compensation process that would improve alignment of employee objectives with Board of Directors interests
  • Worked with the EBCC Liaison with the Board of Directors to inform and raise awareness of the EBCC role, responsibilities and contributions to the Board
  • Recommended successful appointment of new EBCC members, and a successor EBCC Chair, with relevant industry experience to improve the quality of EBCC recommendations to the Board.

As Communications Society Governance Committee Chair, Member, and Society Parliamentarian, he:

  • Proposed and helped implement two major restructuring of the Society’s Board of Governors
  • Assured Board of Governors meetings ran according to IEEE, Robert’s Rules and other best practices
  • Is helping develop a third restructuring of ComSoc’s Board of Governors to better match the Societies current strategic priorities.


  • IEEE Division III Director 2012-13
  • Cloud Computing Initiative Steering 2013-14
  • IEEE Division Director 2012-13
  • Corporate Engagement 2012-13
  • TAB Management 2009-11
  • Member Engagement and Life Cycle 2010
  • Products and Services 2007-08
  • Earth Observation AdCom 2008-10
  • Employee Benefits and Compensation, Chair 2013-14
  • IEEE Board of Directors 2012-13
  • Technical Activities Board (TAB) 2008-09, 2012-13
  • Career and Professional Development 2012
  • Society Review 2010-11


  • Board of Governors 1995-2017
  • Nominations & Elections, Chair 2011-12
  • President 2008-09
  • Vice President, 4 different positions 2000-07
  • IEEE ComSoc Coordinating, Chair 2010-11, 2014-15
  • Staff and Facilities, Chair 2008-09
  • Strategic Planning, Chair 2006-07
  • Governance, Chair 2007
  • Director Conferences 1996-97


  • GLOBECOM 2009 and 2019 General Chair
  • NOMS/IM General, Chair 1990, 2014
  • TTM, General, Chair 2016
  • GLOBECOM/ICC Steering 1998-99


  • TNSM Advisory 2012-17
  • JOCN Steering 2013-17


  • Salah Aidarous Award 2006
  • Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award 2000
  • Fellow 1996
  • Harold Sobol Award 2002
  • Third Millennium Medal 2000