Candidate Statement

I see an even brighter future for IEEE and with your help I will take us there. Thanks to members like you, IEEE is a great volunteer-based organization. We have the opportunity to make IEEE even greater across industry/academia, while assuring the true value of your membership. As VP-TA I will fight for an environment of openness, inclusiveness, supportive policies, reasonable budgets and shared decision-making. I will reach across IEEE’s units (Member and Geographic Activities, Standards, etc.) to streamline joint activities and nurture collaboration.

To achieve this vision, I will:

    • EXPAND NEW TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVES – Invest more to position IEEE and its members as technology thought leaders.


    • GROW STANDARDS ACTIVITIES – Create TAB “standards committee” to foster and coordinate cross-Society engagement with IEEE-Standards Association.


    • BUILD EDUCATION AND TRAINING – With Educational Activities, apply TAB’s competencies to grow Education and Training initiatives into a major activity, comparable to Publications and Conferences.


    • LEVERAGE COLLABORATIONS – Establish more collaborations with industry consortia and sister societies, while incentivizing cross-Society cooperation.


    • ACHIEVE DIVERSITY – Attract/retain young professionals and women, globally, because they are IEEE’s future.


    • ASSURE AFFORDABILITY – Keep member expenses reasonable, for example avoiding introducing expensive new tools that are redundant with off the shelf products and services.