Q & A

Q&A for 2018 IEEE VP-Elect Technical Activities

  1. What do you believe are the major issues facing IEEE?

    IEEE must quickly adapt and respond to a rapidly changing world. Globalization-driven changes (over half our members reside outside the USA), and constantly evolving technologies, drive Publications and Conferences, IEEE’s two major revenue sources. This presents new opportunities for embracing global diversity in all activities including our leadership, establishing new and sustainable high-value publication models reflecting member needs, getting more industry participation, improving standards coordination, leveraging competences to grow Education into a major activity like Conferences and Publications, and introducing more openness and inclusiveness building on IEEE’s membership base. We must attract and retain more young professionals and women.

  2. What do you think is the number one goal for IEEE leadership?

    Member empowerment is key to IEEE’s future and its number one goal. Changes in industry and world economy, together with “open access” trends, are presenting major challenges and opportunities for IEEE, its leadership and its members. Through our thinking, actions, and results, we must embrace our members as valued contributors, not just numbers. IEEE Global (Society) and Local (Chapter) Technical Activities are IEEE’s foundation for growing individual careers, while also serving humanity. We must work together to build and maintain communities that keep IEEE and its constituency at the forefront of technology thought leadership.

  3. What motivates you and what qualifies you for the position you are seeking?

    I truly believe in and care about IEEE and its members, i.e., my second family. Helping colleagues – family members – is immensely satisfying. My diverse industry background and professional/technical contributions uniquely qualify me to create opportunities and deal with challenges. For 20+ years, I initiated/led IEEE activities benefitting members worldwide. As ComSoc President, I successfully addressed similar challenges/opportunities now facing IEEE. Further, I’ve held key positions: IEEE Board of Directors and Technical Activities Board as Division III Director, TAB Management Committee, TAB Society Review Committee, career and industry-focused ad hoc committees, plus “grassroots” experience organizing/steering major conferences and publications.